Southern Rock Lobster (Live)


This species, from the cleanest ocean in the world, is unsurpassed with its fine yet firm texture, sweet translucent flesh with a sweet aftertaste. Can be eaten as sashimi or cooked in many different ways.
Size C is perfect for 3-4p entree size.

$9.49 per 100g ($94.90/kg)

Minimum 500g to Max 3.0kgs depending on the season and availability.

Product Additional Information
Size A (400-500gm) 
Size B (500-600gm) 
Size C (600-800gm) 
Size D (800gm-1kg) 
Size E (1kg-1.5kg)
Size F (1.5kg-2.5kg) 
Size G (2.5kg-3.5kg) 

How to Cook
Cook in boiling salty water for 10-20 minutes (size dependant) Remove from water and plunge in iced water once the crayfish has turned bright orange in colour.